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what, where and when?

on tuesday, 05 april 2005, i departed boston, massachusetts, usa, for a 12 month long trip around the world; i'll be documenting my adventures here at globalrecon.org. my tentative plan is to travel in europe for 4-5 months, northern africa for one month, asia for 4-5 months, and australia and new zealand for the remainder of the trip. my itinerary is very flexible; my plan is to not have a plan... anything could change. i'm going to try my best to split up my time between cities and rural areas. i'll try to hit some of the major must-see tourist attractions but also want to spend time off the beaten path, so to speak. as music has been a big part of my life for the past several years, i'm planning to check out local music and bands whenever possible. above all, i'm going into this experience with an open mind... i don't want to have expectations about what this trip should and should not be. we'll see where it takes me.


i don't think i've bought anything superfluous for myself for the past year and a half and those who have seen my apartment know i don't live extravagantly. :) i've been very fortunate to have had a great job as a system administrator at a successful company for the past six years. i don't have a mortgage and i've eliminated my debt; all of my excess money has gone into savings. i gave my notice at my job in mid-december 2004 and worked through the beginning of march 2005.

as i'll be living off of my savings for the next year, i will, by necessity, be traveling with cost in mind... i've purchased a backpack and plan to stay with friends and at hostels. i'll be traveling by plane for the major continental jumps and plan to take overland transportation whenever possible (not only for the presumably lower cost but for the scenery). i'm planning to register with several sites (couchsurfing.com, globalfreeloaders.com, etc.) which hook up travelers with hosts with a spare couch or bed.


it's time for a change in my life. i needed to shake things up a bit. everything was going very well for me at my job... i was still learning new things, the work was challenging, and i liked the people i worked with. i think i could have continued working there for years to come. still, i felt i was missing something. i'm 31 and have never traveled outside of north america. travel is something i've always wanted to do... i've just never really had the money and the time never seemed quite right. my original plan was to take a much smaller (perhaps several week) trip to europe, but during my research online, i stumbled across travel sites such as bootsnall.com and lonelyplanet.com which led me to several travel blog sites. i found erik trinidad's amazing and extensive the global trip 2004-2005 blog, jim stone's fliptophead.com, and amy hughes' round the world adventure. most inspirational was leif pettersen's travel journel... specifically, this entry. my interest in global travel grew as i read site after site about people's experiences in distant countries. i'd been saving money for a year and a half and wasn't sure exactly what i was going to do with it (not a bad problem to have i realize :)... buying a house was high on the list. i knew i didn't want to stay in boston for the rest of my life and so buying a house here didn't really make sense. sometime last fall i made the decision to quit my job and travel around the world for a year.

07 june 2005 update: writing style

when i began writing at the beginning of my trip, i tried my best to include useful information about the places i was visiting. i also tried my best to use correct grammer (i.e. complete sentences). about three weeks into my trip, i felt my entries were becoming more of an itinerary review than a journal about my thoughts and feelings. i've since changed my writing style dramatically. i now no longer use complete sentences or proper punctuation. i consider my writing now as more of an outpouring of my brain, leaking onto the page. sometimes i include things just for me, so the entries won't always make sense to the outside reader. still, i hope that everyone will be able to get just a little entertainment from the website. enjoy.

29 june 2005 update: check out the reconboard

the reconboard contains administrative entries and random thoughts. i'll generally post an entry on the reconboard when i've updated the galleries or have added or modified one of the blog entries. the reconboard is also a great place for readers to make random comments which aren't tied to a specific blog entry. feel free to post; i'd love to hear from you. i've password protected this area so that email harvesters cannot easily collect the email addresses posted there. the username is 'recon' and the password is 'recon'.

29 october 2005 update: my computer is sick

a day after arriving in india, my computer wouldn't fully power on. for this reason, my ability to update the website and post any pictures whatsoever has been significantly restricted. i sent the computer back to the vendor and am waiting to hear from them regarding a possible fix. updates to follow.

02 december 2005: update: my computer has been fixed!

03 december 2005: update: my camera has cataracts!